Parish Associate

Sharol Hayner

When Sharol and her husband Steve left Madison in 2003 so that she could finish seminary, Sharol never dreamed of returning to be part of the CPC community again. She didn’t dream she would be a widow either, but God has surprised her with one of the best seasons of her life. Sharol loves being a pastor at CPC. Having lived in every corner of the country and in the middle: Southern California, Boston, Seattle, Madison and Atlanta with a brief time in St. Andrews, Scotland, she’s loved every place she’s lived — mostly because of the people. You may not know that Sharol collected stamps and played piano most of her life. After her dad got her started with his stamp albums, she grew up trading stamps and playing piano duets every weekend with her best friend, Lynda. These days, Sharol is nourished by listening to music, playing the piano and walking — especially in neighborhoods where she can enjoy the gardens. A cup of tea or coffee with an old or new friend is also a delight. Sharol has three children (five including their spouses) and five grandchildren who live in Tennessee, Georgia and now in Madison.